What is retouch?

As with film and TV, a lot of the magic in photography happens behind the scenes. Every package comes with image retouch included, which is digital post processing that will enhance the original picture captured by the camera.

For actor and business headshots the process involves removing any impermanent spots or blemishes, reducing darkness under the eyes and colour grading which gives your headshot images an extra POP. This process taking around 20 to 30 minutes per image.

Headshots should be a true representation of you, so there is no excessive skin smoothing, removal of permanent marks such as scars or body/face sculpting. This would fall into the category of beauty retouch.

Wondering what colour grading is? For a start, it’s not just adding layer after layer of Instagram filters, (although I guess technically that does count). It is a process involving different layers, to enhance colours and add contrast to lights and darks. For my process, step one is as the image below. Steps two and three are also within the tabs of that window. After this, there are usually three to four more individually customised layers added to achieve the final look, not including the steps for spot/blemish removal.

Settings shown are for example.

Settings shown are for example.

Below is the before and after of a photo I took at a wedding recently and then enhanced with colour grading. It was a gloomy rainy day in June with full cloud cover and this is evident in the photo as captured by the camera. Colour grading for this image involved adding brightness and contrast, increasing greens and reds along with adding warmth and introducing a little more yellow to the plant life.

If you would like a beauty retouch of your images, please request this either when booking, or on the day of your shoot. This service can be provided at an additional £25 per image.