How to choose which headshot package is best for you

As you’ll have seen from browsing the website, I offer three packages for actors and business individuals which vary in cost, length, number of looks and quantity of edited images.

If you are unsure which is best for you and aren’t making your decision based purely on budget, here’s a little guide to help you make your choice.

The ‘Top Up’ session (for actors) or ‘LinkedIn’ (for business individuals) is the cheapest package I offer and is great for anyone confident in front of a camera and only needing one edited image, however it might not yield the best overall results as the limited time doesn’t allow long for you to warm to the camera, or experiment with many different looks. If however, you have only one expression you want to capture, then go for it.

The ‘Standard’ session (for actors) or ‘LinkedIn Plus’ (for business individuals) is my mid-range package which is still a very affordable price for headshots in London, yet gives you more time to relax into the session and try out more looks.

It is also currently the most popular choice for people looking to update their LinkedIn profile image.

Whilst the ‘Performance’ session (for actors) or ‘Portfolio’ (for business individuals) is the most expensive package I offer, it is also the most cost effective when broken down into the length of the photoshoot, the variety of shots you get, and the number of edited images you’ll receive after the shoot. With the six edited images you get from this package, you can show a good range of images expressing your personality.

For these reasons, it is the most popular package for actors.